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Basic Fresh site

This tutorial will cover how to deploy a Fresh application on Deno Deploy.

Fresh is a web framework built for Deno, akin to Express for Node.

Step 1: Create Fresh application Jump to heading

deno run -A -r https://fresh.deno.dev fresh-site

To run this application locally:

deno task start

You can edit routes/index.js to modify the application.

  1. Create a new Github repo and record the git repo remote URL

  2. From your local fresh-site, initialize git and push to the new remote repo:

    git init
    git add .
    git commit -m "First commit"
    git remote add origin <remote-url>
    git push origin main

Step 3: Deploy to Deno Deploy Jump to heading

  1. Navigate to https://dash.deno.com/new_project.
  2. Connect to your GitHub account and select your repository.
  3. Fill in the values on the form:
    • Give your project a name
    • Select Fresh from the "Framework Preset" options
    • Set production branch to main
    • Select main.ts as the entrypoint file
  4. Click "Deploy Project" to kick off Deno Deploy.
  5. Once deployed, you can view your new project at url provided in your project dashboard.