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Pricing and limitations

Please see our pricing page for the overview of the available features in all plans. If you have a use case that exceeds any of these limits, please reach out.

No uptime guarantees are provided during the initial public beta for Deno Deploy. Access to the service will be controlled by our acceptable use policy. Any user we deem to be in violation of this policy, runs the risk of having their account terminated.

Maximum size for deployments Jump to heading

When uploading assets to a deployment, the total size of all files within the deployment (source files and static files) should not exceed 1 gigabyte.

TLS proxying Jump to heading

TLS termination is required for outgoing connections to port 443 (the port used for HTTPS). Using Deno.connect to connect to these ports is prohibited. If you need to establish a TLS connection to port 443, please use Deno.connectTls instead. fetch is not impacted by this restriction.

This restriction is in place because connecting to port 443 without terminating TLS is frequently used in TLS-over-TLS proxies, which are prohibited on Deno Deploy as per our acceptable use policy.