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Acceptable use policy

The Deno Deploy service includes resources (CPU time, request counts) that are subject to this Acceptable Use policy. This document can give a rough estimate to what we consider as "Acceptable Use", and what we do not.

Examples of Acceptable Use Jump to heading

  • ✅ Server-side rendered websites
  • ✅ Jamstack sites and apps
  • ✅ Single page applications
  • ✅ APIs that query a DB or external API
  • ✅ A personal blog
  • ✅ A company website
  • ✅ An e-commerce site

Not Acceptable Use Jump to heading

  • ❌ Crypto mining
  • ❌ Highly CPU-intensive load (e.g. machine learning)
  • ❌ Media hosting for external sites
  • ❌ Scrapers
  • ❌ Proxy or VPN

Guidelines Jump to heading

We expect most projects to fall well within the usage limits. We will notify you if your projects usage significantly deviates from the norm. We will reach out to you where possible before taking any action to address unreasonable burdens on our infrastructure.