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Deno Deploy Use Cases

Some popular use-cases for Deno currently are:

Middleware Jump to heading

Middleware refers to bits of code that execute before and after the request gets to the application server. You'll be writing middleware if you want to execute some JavaScript or any other code very fast, early in the request. By deploying your middleware code at the edge, Deno Deploy ensures the best performance for your app.

Some examples include:

  • setting a cookie
  • serving different versions of a site depending on geolocation
  • path rewriting
  • redirecting requests
  • dynamically changing the HTML on its way back from the server before it gets to the user.

Deno Deploy is a good alternative to other platforms you might be using to host your middleware right now, for example:

  • Cloudflare Workers
  • AWS Lambda@Edge
  • Traditional load balancers like nginx
  • Custom rules

API servers Jump to heading

Deno is also a great fit for API servers. By deploying these servers "at the edge", closer to clients who are using them, Deno Deploy is able to offer lower latency, improved performance, and reduced bandwidth costs compared to traditional hosting platforms like Heroku or even modern centralized hosting services like DigitalOcean.

Full websites Jump to heading

We foresee a future where you can actually write your entire website on edge functions. Some examples of sites that are already doing this include: