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Deno, the open-source runtime for TypeScript and JavaScript. Features built-in dev tools, powerful platform APIs, and native support for TypeScript and JSX.

Deno docs

More about Deno:

Deno basics

New to Deno? This is the place to start. Get started


Customizations for Deno’s built-in TypeScript compiler, formatter, and linter. Deno config

Testing in Deno

All about Deno’s built-in test runner for JavaScript or TypeScript code. More about Testing

Deno Deploy

Serverless platform for deploying JavaScript code to a fast, global edge network. Supports Deno APIs and Node.js / npm modules

Deploy docs

Deno Deploy APIs:


Key/value database built in to the Deno runtime. Simple API, works with zero configuration on Deno Deploy. KV docs


Execute code on a configurable schedule at the edge in any time zone. Cron docs


Deno’s queueing API for offloading larger workloads or scheduling tasks with guaranteed delivery. Queues docs