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Deno KV Tutorials & Examples

Check out these examples showing real-world usage of Deno KV.

Use queues to process incoming webhooks

Follow this tutorial to learn how to use queues to offload tasks to a background process, so your web app can remain responsive. This example shows how to enqueue tasks that handle incoming webhook requests from GitHub.

Use queues to schedule a future notification

Follow this tutorial to learn how to schedule code to execute at some time in the future using queues. This example shows how to schedule a notification with Courier.

CRUD in Deno KV - TODO List

Deno SaaSKit

  • Modern SaaS template built on Fresh.
  • Product Hunt-like template entirely built on KV.
  • Uses Deno KV OAuth for GitHub OAuth 2.0 authentication
  • Use to launch your next app project faster
  • Source code
  • Live preview

Multi-player Tic-Tac-Toe

Multi-user pixel art drawing

GitHub authentication and KV

Deno KV oAuth 2