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Edge Cache

Beta feature

Cache API support on Deno Deploy is currently in beta.

The Web Cache API is supported on Deno Deploy. The cache is designed to provide microsecond-level read latency, multi-GB/s write throughput and unbounded storage, with the tradeoff of best-effort consistency and durability.

const cache = await caches.open("my-cache");

Deno.serve(async (req) => {
  const cached = await cache.match(req);
  if (cached) {
    return cached;

  const res = new Response("cached at " + new Date().toISOString());
  await cache.put(req, res.clone());
  return res;

Cached data is stored in the same Deno Deploy region that runs your code. Usually your isolate observes read-after-write (RAW) and write-after-write (WAW) consistency within the same region; however, in rare cases recent writes can be lost, out-of-order or temporarily invisible.

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  • The Content-Length header is required for cached requests.
  • Deletion is not yet supported.