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Application logging

Applications can generate logs at runtime using the console API, with methods such as console.log, console.error, etc. These logs can be viewed in real time by either:

  • Navigating to the Logs panel of a project or deployment.
  • Using the logs subcommand in deployctl.

Logs will be streamed directly from the application to the log panel or displayed in deployctl logs.

In addition to real-time logs, logs are also retained for a certain duration, which depends on the subscription plan you are on. To view persisted logs, you can:

  • If you are using the log panel in your browser, switch from Live to either Recent or Custom in the dropdown menu next to the search box.
  • If you prefer the command line, add --since=<DATETIME> and/or --until=<DATETIME> to your deployctl logs command. For more details, consult deployctl logs --help.

Logs older than the retention period are automatically deleted from the system.

Log messages have a maximum size of 2KB. Messages larger than this limit are trimmed to 2KB.