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Quick Start

This guide will take you from setting up a Deno Deploy account to deploying your first project.

Step 1: Sign up for Deno Deploy

If you do not have a Deno Deploy account, sign up before continuing.

Step 2: Deploy a project

Upon signing in to your account, you should land on a page that lists your projects. (You won't have any since it's a new account).

Click on the +New Project button

There are three ways to deploy a new project in Deno Deploy:

Select one of these methods, depending on the kind of project you have.

Our recommendation

We generally recommend deploying with the Github integration because it is the fastest. If you need to run a CI build process first (for example generating static assets), we recommend deploying with the Github integration, and selecting Github Action

Step 3: Adjust project settings if necessary

Once the project has been created, you can adjust a number of project settings on the Settings tab. For more details, follow the links below.

Step 4: Find project URL

The production URL is the URL that your production deployment can be reached at.

The project name will determine a project's production URL.

It has the form $ (e.g.