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Environment variables

Environment variables are useful to store values like access tokens of web services. You can create them in the project dashboard and access them in your code via the Deno.env API. They are made available to both production and preview deployments.

Add an environment variable

To add an environment variable to your project, click on the Settings button on the project page and then on Environment Variables from the sidebar. Fill in the key/value fields and click on "Add" to add an environment variable to your project. A new production deployment will be created automatically with the new environment variables.


Note that currently, this is the only way to add an environment variable. Even if you deployed with deployctl or the Github integration, to add environment variables, you must do so from the project page UI.

Preset Variables

Every deployment has the following environment variables preset, which you can access from your code.


    It holds the region code of the region in which the deployment is running. You can use this variable to serve region-specific content.

    You can refer to the region code from the regions page.


    It holds the ID of the deployment.