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API Reference

This is a reference for runtime APIs available on Deno Deploy. This API is very similar to the standard runtime API, but some APIs are not available in the same way, given that Deno Deploy is a serverless environment.

Please use this section of the documentation to explore available APIs on Deno Deploy.

Web APIs

Deno APIs

Note: only stable APIs of Deno are made available in Deploy.

  • Deno.env - Interact with environment variables (secrets).
    • get(key: string): string | undefined - get the value of an environment variable.
    • toObject(): { [key: string]: string } - get all environment variables as an object.
  • Deno.connect - Connect to TCP sockets.
  • Deno.connectTls - Connect to TCP sockets using TLS.
  • Deno.startTls - Start TLS handshake from an existing TCP connection.
  • Deno.resolveDns - Make DNS queries
  • File system API

Future support

In the future, these APIs will also be added:

  • Cache API
  • UDP API:
    • Deno.connectDatagram for outbound UDP sockets
  • Customizable fetch options using Deno.createHttpClient


Just like the Deno CLI, we do not implement the __proto__ object field as specified in ECMA Script Annex B.