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Bundling static assets (deprecated)


deno bundle has been deprecated and will be removed in some future release. Use deno_emit, esbuild or rollup instead.


deno bundle [URL] will output a single JavaScript file for consumption in Deno, which includes all dependencies of the specified input. For example:

deno bundle colors.bundle.js
Emit "colors.bundle.js" (9.83KB)

If you omit the out file, the bundle will be sent to stdout.

The bundle can just be run as any other module in Deno would:

deno run colors.bundle.js

The output is a self contained ES Module, where any exports from the main module supplied on the command line will be available. For example, if the main module looked something like this:

export { foo } from "./foo.js";

export const bar = "bar";

It could be imported like this:

import { bar, foo } from "./lib.bundle.js";

Bundling for the Web

The output of deno bundle is intended for consumption in Deno and not for use in a web browser or other runtimes. That said, depending on the input it may work in other environments.

If you wish to bundle for the web, we recommend other solutions such as esbuild.