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deno lsp

Starts the Deno language server. The language server is used by editors to provide features like intellisense, code formatting, and more.

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deno lsp [OPTIONS]

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deno lsp [-q|--quiet]

deno lsp -h|--help

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The 'deno lsp' subcommand provides a way for code editors and IDEs to interact with Deno using the Language Server Protocol.

Usually humans do not use this subcommand directly. For example, 'deno lsp' can provide IDEs with go-to-definition support and automatic code formatting.

Read more about how to connect editors and IDEs to 'deno lsp'.

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There are no required arguments for this command.

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  • -q, --quiet

    Suppress diagnostic output

  • -h, --help

    Prints help information

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  • Run the command
deno lsp
  • Run the command 2
deno lsp2