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deno uninstall

Uninstalls an executable script in the installation root's bin directory.

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deno uninstall [OPTIONS] <NAME> - Uninstalls name.

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deno uninstall [--root <root>] [-g|--global] [-q|--quiet] <NAME>

deno uninstall -h|--help

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When uninstalling, the installation root is determined in the following order:

  • --root option
  • DENO_INSTALL_ROOT environment variable
  • $HOME/.deno

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The name of the script to uninstall.

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  • --root <root> Installation root

  • -g, --global Remove globally installed package or module

  • -q, --quiet Suppress diagnostic output

  • -h, --help

    Prints help information

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  • Uninstall serve
deno uninstall serve
  • Uninstall serve from a specific installation root
deno uninstall --root /usr/local serve