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deno upgrade

Upgrade deno executable to the given version.

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deno upgrade [OPTIONS] - Upgrade the deno executable.

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deno upgrade [--version <version>] [--output <output>] [-q|--quiet] 
[--dry-run] [-f|--force] [--canary] [--cert <FILE>]

deno upgrade -h|--help

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Defaults to the latest version of Deno. The version is downloaded from https://github.com/denoland/deno/releases and is used to replace the current executable.

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There are no required arguments for this command - it should be run from within your package or workspace directory.

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  • --version <version>

    The version to upgrade to

  • --output <output>

    The path to output the updated version to

  • -q, --quiet

    Suppress diagnostic output

  • --dry-run

    Perform all checks without replacing the old executable

  • -f, --force

    Replace current executable even if it is not out of date

  • --canary

    Upgrade to canary builds

  • --cert <FILE>

    Load the certificate from a PEM encoded file

  • -h, --help

    Print help (see a summary with '-h')

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  • Install a specific version of the Deno executable
deno upgrade --version 1.33.3
  • Install Deno in a specific location
deno upgrade --output ./some/local/path