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Usage in Deno

import * as mod from "node:domain";

Since v1.4.2 - Deprecated

This module is pending deprecation. Once a replacement API has been finalized, this module will be fully deprecated. Most developers should not have cause to use this module. Users who absolutely must have the functionality that domains provide may rely on it for the time being but should expect to have to migrate to a different solution in the future.

Domains provide a way to handle multiple different IO operations as a single group. If any of the event emitters or callbacks registered to a domain emit an 'error' event, or throw an error, then the domain object will be notified, rather than losing the context of the error in theprocess.on('uncaughtException') handler, or causing the program to exit immediately with an error code.



The Domain class encapsulates the functionality of routing errors and uncaught exceptions to the active Domain object.


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