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Pricing and Limits

Deployment size Jump to heading

Deployments should be less than 1GB across all source code and assets in aggregate, per deployment.

Deployment frequency Jump to heading

The maximum number of deployments per hour that a subhosting user can make is either 60 (on the free tier) or 300 (on the builder tier). Higher limits are available for organizations on the enterprise plan.

CPU time per request Jump to heading

  • 50ms or 200ms, depending on tier.
  • CPU time limit per request is limited on the average across many requests. It is not strictly enforced on a per-request basis.
  • Does not include time that a deployment is waiting for I/O (e.g. while waiting for the remote server while making a fetch() request)

Blocking the event loop Jump to heading

Programs should not block the event loop for more than 1s.

Available memory Jump to heading

512MB max memory is available.