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Developers can provision projects, domains, KV databases, and other resources using the Subhosting REST API.

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The base URL for the Subhosting REST API v1 is below.


The v1 API uses HTTP bearer token authentication. You can create an access token to use the API in the dashboard here. Most API requests will also require your organization ID. You can retrieve yours from the Deno Deploy dashboard for your organization.

Find your org ID here

Using both your organization ID and your access token, you can test your API access by listing all the projects associated with your organization. Here is an example Deno script you can use to access the API.

// Replace these with your own!
const organizationId = "a75a9caa-b8ac-47b3-a423-3f2077c58731";
const token = "ddo_u7mo08lBNHm8GMGLhtrEVfcgBsCuSp36dumX";

const res = await fetch(
    method: "GET",
    headers: {
      Authorization: `Bearer ${token}`,

const response = await res.json();