Creating & Resolving Symlinks


Creating and resolving symlink is a common task. Deno has a number of functions for this task.

First we will create a text file to link to.
await Deno.writeTextFile("example.txt", "hello from symlink!");
Now we can create a soft link to the file
await Deno.symlink("example.txt", "link");
To resolve the path of a symlink, we can use Deno.realPath
console.log(await Deno.realPath("link"));
Symlinks are automatically resolved, so we can just read them like text files
console.log(await Deno.readTextFile("link"));
In certain cases, soft links don't work. In this case we can choose to make "hard links".
await"example.txt", "hardlink");
console.log(await Deno.readTextFile("hardlink"));

Run this example locally using the Deno CLI:

deno run --allow-write --allow-read