Deno.chmod - Deno documentation
function Deno.chmod
path: string | URL,
mode: number,
): Promise<void>

Changes the permission of a specific file/directory of specified path. Ignores the process's umask.

await Deno.chmod("/path/to/file", 0o666);

The mode is a sequence of 3 octal numbers. The first/left-most number specifies the permissions for the owner. The second number specifies the permissions for the group. The last/right-most number specifies the permissions for others. For example, with a mode of 0o764, the owner (7) can read/write/execute, the group (6) can read/write and everyone else (4) can read only.

Number Description
7 read, write, and execute
6 read and write
5 read and execute
4 read only
3 write and execute
2 write only
1 execute only
0 no permission

NOTE: This API currently throws on Windows

Requires allow-write permission.


path: string | URL
mode: number

Return Type