Index - Deno documentation

The global namespace where Deno specific, non-standard APIs are located.


Tools for managing state, scheduling tasks, and interacting with key-value stores.

Eg Deno.openKv, Deno.cron


Error types and utilities for handling exceptions and custom error scenarios. Helps improve error handling and debugging.

Eg Deno.errorsNotFound


Foreign Function Interface. Call functions from shared libraries (e.g., C/C++) directly from Deno.

Useful for integrating with existing native code or accessing low-level system functionality.

Eg Deno.dlopen


HTTP client for fetching data across a network. Retrieve resources from servers, handle responses, and manage network requests.

Eg Deno.fetch, Deno.Response, Deno.Request, Deno.Headers

File System

File System APIs for working with files, directories, and file metadata. Includes functions for reading, writing, and manipulating file paths.

Eg Deno.readDir, Deno.readTextFile


GPU programming and rendering. Efficiently use a device’s graphics processing unit (GPU) for high-performance computations and complex image rendering.

Eg GPUDevice

HTTP Server

Handling HTTP requests, serving responses, and managing server behavior.

Eg Deno.serveHttp, Deno.serve


Interfaces for reading, writing, seeking, and managing resources. For handling of data streams, file I/O, and console interactions.

Eg Deno.stdin, Deno.inspect


Create interactive notebooks and execute code cells. Useful for data analysis, visualization, and educational purposes.

Eg Deno.Deno.jupyter.$display


A wide range of networking tasks, from low-level connections to high-level server creation. Handle HTTP requests, WebSocket communication, and DNS resolution. Useful for building web servers, clients, and networking tools.

Eg Deno.connect, Deno.listen, Deno.resolveDns


Permission system controls access to resources (e.g., file system, network, environment variables).

Request permissions explicitly, enhancing security and user trust.

Eg Deno.permissions


System-related functionality, process management, and observability.

Eg Deno.mainModule, Deno.exit, Deno.cwd

Sub Process

Spawn and manage child processes, execute commands, and collect output. Useful for executing external programs from Deno.

Eg Deno.Command


Robust testing and benchmarking capabilities to ensure code quality and performance.

Eg Deno.test, Deno.bench

Web Sockets

Enable real-time communication between clients and servers using WebSockets. Tools to create interactive and dynamic applications.

Eg WebSocket