- Deno documentation

Information related to the build of the current Deno runtime.

Users are discouraged from code branching based on this information, as assumptions about what is available in what build environment might change over time. Developers should specifically sniff out the features they intend to use.

The intended use for the information is for logging and debugging purposes.


target: string

The LLVM target triple, which is the combination of ${arch}-${vendor}-${os} and represent the specific build target that the current runtime was built for.

arch: "x86_64" | "aarch64"

Instruction set architecture that the Deno CLI was built for.

| "linux"
| "android"
| "windows"
| "freebsd"
| "netbsd"
| "aix"
| "solaris"
| "illumos"

The operating system that the Deno CLI was built for. "darwin" is also known as OSX or MacOS.

vendor: string

The computer vendor that the Deno CLI was built for.

env: string

Optional environment flags that were set for this build of Deno CLI.