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Using React with Deno

To use React with Deno, we recommend using one of the third-party frameworks below.

If you want to better understand how JSX and Deno interface under the hood, read on here.

Note: Fresh and Aleph.js provide a framework for developing React-like websites. However, Fresh uses an alternative foundational technology, Preact to provide a better, more performant experience.


Fresh is the most popular React framework for Deno. It uses a model where you send no JavaScript to clients by default. The majority of rendering is done on a server, and the client is only responsible for re-rendering small islands of interactivity. This means the developer explicitly opts in to client side rendering for specific components.


Aleph.js is the second most popular React framework for Deno. It gives you the same sort of quick-start with React as Create-React-App. Like Next.js, Aleph provides SSR and SSG out of the box in order to allow developers to create SEO-friendly apps. In addition, Aleph provides some other built-in features that don't come out of the box in Next.js, such as:

  • Hot Reloading (Using React Fast Refresh)
  • ESM Import Syntax (No need for webpack)
  • TypeScript-Ready