Deno.write - Deno documentation
function Deno.write
rid: number,
data: Uint8Array,
): Promise<number>

This will be removed in Deno 2.0. See the Deno 1.x to 2.x Migration Guide for migration instructions.

Write to the resource ID (rid) the contents of the array buffer (data).

Resolves to the number of bytes written. This function is one of the lowest level APIs and most users should not work with this directly, but rather use WritableStream, ReadableStream.from and ReadableStream.pipeTo.

It is not guaranteed that the full buffer will be written in a single call.

const encoder = new TextEncoder();
const data = encoder.encode("Hello world");
using file = await"/foo/bar.txt", { write: true });
const bytesWritten = await Deno.write(file.rid, data); // 11


rid: number
data: Uint8Array

Return Type