Deno.Listener - Deno documentation
interface Deno.Listener
extends AsyncIterable<T>, Disposable

A generic network listener for stream-oriented protocols.

Type Parameters

T extends Conn = Conn
A extends Addr = Addr


addr: A

Return the address of the Listener.

rid: number

Return the rid of the Listener.


accept(): Promise<T>

Waits for and resolves to the next connection to the Listener.

close(): void

Close closes the listener. Any pending accept promises will be rejected with errors.

[[Symbol.asyncIterator]](): AsyncIterableIterator<T>
ref(): void

Make the listener block the event loop from finishing.

Note: the listener blocks the event loop from finishing by default. This method is only meaningful after .unref() is called.

unref(): void

Make the listener not block the event loop from finishing.